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Starting this Black Friday month, The Natsume Store is delighted to offer our loyal customers the opportunity to receive a FREE MYSTERY PLUSH with every purchase!

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with how it works:

  1. Check the latest FREE PLUSH GIFT offer each month by visiting this page.
  2. SHOP and add any item(s) you wish to purchase to your cart.
  3. ADD the monthly PLUSH GIFT offer to your cart (the price will change to FREE when combined with any other item(s) in your cart).
  4. Come back next month to shop at The Natsume Store, where more exciting merch will be available soon!

Important Program Rules:

  • One FREE PLUSH per order.
  • Multiple orders within the same month will receive duplicates.
  • All Sales are Final: Orders with FREE GIFT(s) cannot be modified or canceled.
  • Triple-check your shipping address; ensure it includes all necessary details. No replacements or refunds will be approved for delivery issues with incorrect address information.
  • International customers: Avoid diacritics or special characters (e.g., á, é, í, ó, ú, ü). Instead, use their corresponding English characters (a, e, i, o, u, u).
  • Don't forget to ADD the FREE GIFT item to your cart. Orders without the FREE GIFT offer in your cart will not receive the plush.

We will update this collection page to reveal each mystery plush every month. Thank you to all our loyal fans and customers who love our games & merchandise! 


Available While Supplies Last